Raro Video: "Violent Life" in 2020 auf Blu-ray (US)

Raro Video plant für 2020 die Veröffentlichung von Paolo Heusch & Brunello Rondis "Violent Life" (Una vita violenta, 1962) mit Franco Citti, Serena Vergano, Alfredo Leggi und Enrico Maria Salerno in den USA auf Blu-ray. Weitere Infos folgen!


The film tells the story of a group of kids who lives in a township of the poorest and most disreputable streets of Rome. The story is set in the typical climate of the Second World War's end. Thomas is a guy almost adult who lives at the expense of others, like all his other companions, stealing and wasting time. In fact there is nothing in his area, there is no education, no job, no social centers... Thomas in fact goes along with cronies stealing garbage and pieces of old iron to resell them to messy and equally poor body of the township. Thus, gleaned a few hundred pounds, Thomas and friends can have fun going to prostitutes or watching movies at the cinema. Thomas lives for some years with these gimmicks, returning home only for dinner and going on nights like a whore into prostitution just to earn more money. But one day after a theft Thomas was arrested and when he comes out of prison his ideas change... (Inhalt: Wikipedia)

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