Arrow Academy: "Garibaldi" im Januar 2018 auf Blu-ray (UK)

Die Arrow Academy veröffentlicht am 29. Januar 2018 Roberto Rossellinis "Garibaldi" (Viva l'Italia, 1961) mit Renzo Ricci, Paolo Stoppa, Franco Interlenghi und Giovanna Ralli auf DVD und Blu-ray. Die 2K Restauration kommt vom Original Negativ, im Bonusmaterial finden sich u.a. ein Interview mit Regieassistent Ruggero Deodato und das Video-Essay "I Am Garibaldi" von Tag Gallagher, dem Autor von "The Adventures of Roberto Rossellini: His Life and Films."

“Viva l’Italia is a documentary made after the event, trying to figure out what happened. I tried to place myself in front of the events of a century ago, the way a documentarist would have done who had the good fortune to follow Garibaldi’s campaign with his camera.” (Roberto Rossellini) 

To celebrate the centenary of Italy, the Italian government commissioned Rossellini to make a biopic of Giuseppe Garibaldi, one that would follow his exploits with ‘the Thousand’ and their role in the country’s unification. Rossellini approached the film as he had Francesco, giullare di Dio, presenting the main character in neo-realist mode, as though making a documentary. (Inhalt: Arrow Academy)

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